Buyer Information


Comprehensive information courtesy of the Oregon Association of Realtors that answers many common questions about buying real estate in the State of Oregon. Click the link above.


A Home Inspection is a vital part of any offer on the property you want to purchase. It is an important protection for you, as the Buyer, to identify any potential livability problems within a resale or a new home prior to finalizing the purchase.

The cost of any Home Inspections are the Buyer’s expense and are not reimbursable should the purchase be canceled. The inspection costs are normally based on the square footage of the house, plus any special inspections requested, i.e., Pest & Dry Rot, Sewer Scope or Radon.

A reinspection after the Seller has completed any agreed upon repairs is an additional cost to the Buyer normally. Click the link above to find a home inspector.


To find information about the school districts in the area you are searching for a new home, click the link above or the picture below.

Mortgage loan processing has changed with the new TRID (Truth-in-Lending Integrated Disclosure) law that went into effect in 2015. Escrow processing timelines most likely will be longer which will effect the close of escrow. Allow at least 6 weeks for an escrow to close.

Before writing an offer on a property get your mortgage loan application process completed and loan preapproved for the amount you want to spend for your new home.